Pelletization Solution
* Photo shown in the Banner is not the Accurate Dimension, Design & Position.


  • To maintain uniform granule size.
  • We have single & twin deck models with validated seived in mesh & microns size as per BSS or ASTM standard.

Lifting Column

  • Meachanical lifting and charging device which is swivelling type for charging the powder into high shear mixer and sifter.

Granulation (WEt/ Dry)

  • High Shear mixer is desinging to achieve axcellent mixing and consistent granules at lower operating cost along with higher productivity.
  • Better mixing and closed control of granule size leads to faaster tableting speeds. with improved quality and rejections of tablets.
  • Main Components

  • Bottom blade design
  • Chopper Device
  • Binder feeding device by peristaltic pumps.

Ipc Bin

  • Bins are available in various sizes and shapes, They are made in stainless steel 316, Various Capacities from 50 litters - 400 lts. are available as per customer requirements.

Solid Drug Layering

  • It is a centrifugal processing of single unit operation. the process involves the deposition of successive layers of an active compound onto nonpareil seeds resulting in the formation of uniform size pellet, the operation is carried out using a Drug layering rotating plate.
  • Dry Powder Dusted on nonpareils adheres, Increasing their size and forming larger pellets, as per requirements.
  • Growth occurs by a process of binding and consolidation, after liquid addition and dusting creates the correct diameter pellets, then tumbling of the coalesced aggregates increases their sphericity.
  • The requirements of process validation or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)are simplified as the complete spheroid production process is restricted to a single processor.Min.Size possible 200 Microns.

Extrusion & Spher'dization

  • Various Design of extrusioon are availble from our product range include cone extrusion, radial extrusion, axial extrusion, die roller extrusion, mixer cum extrusion, the size of extrusion varies from 400-2000 Microns.
  • Basket design gives the lowest density & die roller gives the higher density of needles.

Fluid Bed Coating / Drying

  • The UPPL Fluid Bed Multiple Processor (UFBM) has been developed to meet the pharmaceutical industry's requirements for flexibility in unit operation and is based on the principle that one basic unit can be used for numerous processes by interchanging a module of the machine.
  • A suitable liquid is sprayed from the bottom (tablets, Pellets, etc) ensuring uniform coating. Multiple air distributors, Wurster & different spray nozzles are available as key features enabling various product application.

Granulation in Fluid Bed

  • A suitable binding agent is sprayed from the top into the Fluidized product causing controlled agglomeration.
  • The agglomerates formed are there subsequently dried for coating simultaneously.


  • This unit ideally use for lifting and tilting the product on required altitude for unloading into bins or equipments as desired.

Cone mill

Sieved and mills play a key role in the areas of pharmaceutical industry, food feed and fine chemicals. UPPL offers the know-how for a wide range of different requirements.

  • Size of products after fluid bed processing or wet granulation.
  • Additional for some type Dosage, Classification and separation modes.
  • All UPPL sieves and mills are bsically made of high grade stainless steel with a ground surface finish.


  • We have Variety of blenders including bin blenders, octagonal blenders, V blenders, Double cone blenders capcity ranging from 1 Lts-15000 Ltrs available in single colume & double colume designs with pneumatic & manual discharge options.

Tablet coating

  • The concept auto coater with greater elasticity in the batches ranges from 500 gm - 300 Kgs, is in line with the production idea.
  • Under control condition provision of interchargeable pans for differnt batch size in a single machine is an specific feature of equipment.
  • Unique HPC Design of perforated pan in suitable for sugar, films as well as aqueous coating at a much faster rate than other perfoated pans.

Machine capability

To give individual machine as well as complete granulation line for tableting opertion.

Machine Automation

Systems for machines can be automated with siemens / Allen Bradley controls for Individual machine as well as complete line automation with SCADA based computer control from Intellusion and Wonderware

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) manufacturing requires that special attention be paid to processing equipment design, hygiene and safety.

Pellet processing is accomplished with several of our products, including the Axial, cone, Radial, Die roller, mixer cum extruder, basket models.

UMANG PHARMATECH® advanced pellet technology and superior engineering provide unparalleled processing efficiency exceptional product quality

Successfully scaling up to full production means replicating your pilot results. How do you do this? The key is to use lab milling equipment that exactly

Particle size is a critical parameter in material properties. Monitoring and measurement of grain size distribution during processing is critical to successful product.

High shear granulator is the new mixer range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its benefits. Similar design of process bowl, mixer and chopper ensures that process

Twin Screw extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum 400 microns to maximum 2000 microns.

Integrated Mixer & Extruder is a compact design equipment with production capacity of 150 kgs of pellets per hour on continuous basis.

Die Roller Extruder as two rollers one is perforated and the second is knurling roller both are horizontally placed with minimum gap of 0.3mm.

The process involves the deposition of successive layers of an active compound onto nonpareil seeds resulting in the formation of uniform size pellets.