chemicals industry

Umang Pharmatech® brings together the best in pellets, granules, mixing, drying and oral thin water soluble film technologies to meet the needs of the chemical industry.

pharmaceutical industry

Umang Pharmatech® technology and expertise ranges from lab and pilot plant through to full production delivering straight forward and practical solutions to complex production requirements.


Our extensive product range enables us to design flexible process systems capable of meeting the high volume and consistent particle size demands of the agrochemicals industry.

Food industry

Umang Pharmatech® range of equipment and systems is designed to handle even oily, fatty, fibrous, brittle, temperature sensitive, acidic, sugar, starch and ultra small batches of expensive products.

Pellet Processing

We have a proud heritage of working with customers in the development of new coating technologies to meet the growing range of applications for the flexible production of products for use in extreme environments, new finishes and effects and an extensive colour range.

rubber industry

Granulators are just part of the range, granulating all types of synthetic and natural products in the form of pellets or strips as well as vulcanised and non-vulcanised rubber wastes.

Soap and detergent

The size and complexity of these operations varies from plant to plant, so we have designed and built several detergent lines incorporating agglomeration, pellet processing and water soluble film technology as the core processing operation.

Ceramic Industry

High fineness and high purity are characteristic demands for process equipment required by the ceramics industry.

Powder Processing

From raw material to powder, we can offer complete toner engineering and powder processing technologies from pellet processing to granulation, agglomeration and water soluble strips.

Nuclear Industries

From design concept to completion, Umang Pharmatech provide the essential expertise to produce stand alone or integrated process solutions in core areas of activity across the nuclear spectrum.