Quality control is a measure of precision, or how well the measurement system reproduces the same result over time and under varying operating conditions. Laboratory quality control material is usually run at the beginning of each shift, after an instrument is serviced, when reagent lots are changed, after calibration, and whenever patient results seem inappropriate.

Quality control material should approximate the same matrix as patient specimens, taking into account properties such as viscosity, turbidity, composition, and color. It should be simple to use, with minimal vial to vial variability, because variability could be misinterpreted as systematic error in the method or instrument.

We have well equipped quality laboratory which ensures the efficacy, safety & quality of the Raw material and finished product.

Quality Control has following divisions

  • Web Analysis
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Microbial Analysis

The quality is checked in three different stages

  • Raw Material Analysis
  • In Process Analysis
  • Finished Product Analysis

Once the raw material enters the factory premises and before going to the store department the Quality of the material is check by QC department. If the quality is as per the guidelines then the QC department approves the raw material. The in process analysis done while the product (chemical or Formulation) is being manufactured.

Finished product analysis is done after the Product/material is manufactured.