• The goal is to find the most efficient processing equipment that produces the highest product quality, optimal particle size distribution, and desired production volume, while ensuring operator safety.
  • Whether you are producing tablets or pellet active ingredients, UMANG PHARMATECH® has the experience and technical expertise to solve your API pellet processing and coating needs.


  • Our Single extruder and a twin spheronizer is is a revolutionary approach to API and fine chemical pelletization on a continuous basis.
  • The continuous sifter in combination shifts particle size distributions to narrow particle size distribution results, improves processing efficiency by 10% – 20% and helps adjust and control final particle size in a narrow range.
  • This allows API manufacturers to maximize the amount of pelletized product within the desired target, reducing the need for screening over- and under-sized particles, which results in less waste
  • For even large size pellets results in active pharmaceutical ingredients processing applications, the equipment's provide a consistent particle sizing with tight particle size distribution, sanitary design and ease of cleaning, and adaptability to a wide variety of base materials.


    Pellet Processing

  • Round spheres, more potent drugs to smaller particle sizes micro pellets 60-680 mesh size and normal size pellets. 14-20 mesh.
  • Wet Pelletization

  • APIs/excipients pelletized by extrusion and twin spheronization equipments for large scale processing.
  • Fine Pellet Processing & Validation

  • Fine pellets of different API
  • Coating of pellets for different release of the API.
  • Safer Processing

  • Uniform size pellets of API products
  • Control Operator Exposure Limits (OELs) within strict industry standards

High shear granulator is the new mixer range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its benefits. Similar design of process bowl, mixer and chopper ensures that process

Twin Screw extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum 400 microns to maximum 2000 microns.

Integrated Mixer & Extruder is a compact design equipment with production capacity of 150 kgs of pellets per hour on continuous basis.

Die Roller Extruder as two rollers one is perforated and the second is knurling roller both are horizontally placed with minimum gap of 0.3mm.

The process involves the deposition of successive layers of an active compound onto nonpareil seeds resulting in the formation of uniform size pellets.