• While many machines can make API into round pellets, Umang Pharmatech is the world’s leading technology for achieving on-target uniform particle sizes in pellet processing — to your specific pellet requirements. Our equipment achieves the tightest PSDs for more on-target product and improved yields. Accurate, consistent and repeatable results ensure the highest material and product quality.

Pellet processing Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

  • Interested in profiting from the production of quality food products? Umang Pharmatech equipment is routinely used to encapsulate ingredients critical in enhancing food flavors and produce crumbs from dry cereal or bread for food coatings. Other examples include pellets of herbs / nutraceuticals and soya drying / processing in — and much more.
  • Or perhaps you’re focused on the production of fine chemicals. Umang Pharmatech equipment is presently being used to make pellets or mineral salts; to mill uranium dioxide dried citric acid; and to size reduce wet core dishwasher detergent, among other applications. How can Umang pharmatech help you accomplish your unique task?
  • Satisfied customers in the pharmaceutical industry rely on Umang Pharmatech solid reputation for excellence every day, for high-stakes applications and processes that include wet conditioning of high shear, granulated material, pellet processing, coating and post-fluid bed dryer and wurster coating, reducing fines by more than 20% and drying times by 25%. Another example includes controlled particle size in pellet processing, yielding consistent and repeatable results, higher on-target results, and improved yields by over 15 - 20%.
  • Further examples of tasks readily accomplished with Umang Pharmatech pellet processing solutions include:

  • Pellet processing
  • Oral thin strip processing.
  • Dry granulation for tablet manufacturing
  • High-throughput bulk density fine tuning
  • Continuous sifting
  • Continuous drying
  • Uniform sizing of wet granulation in tablet manufacturing
  • Conditioning of wet/moist food products (i.e. wet cereal mass)

High shear granulator is the new mixer range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its benefits. Similar design of process bowl, mixer and chopper ensures that process

Twin Screw extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum 400 microns to maximum 2000 microns.

Integrated Mixer & Extruder is a compact design equipment with production capacity of 150 kgs of pellets per hour on continuous basis.

Die Roller Extruder as two rollers one is perforated and the second is knurling roller both are horizontally placed with minimum gap of 0.3mm.

The process involves the deposition of successive layers of an active compound onto nonpareil seeds resulting in the formation of uniform size pellets.