Soya lecithin granules by continuous extrusion for food

    Soya lecithin granules by continuous extrusion for food
    27th September 2019

  • Continuous extrusion granules making machine for food, its temperature increases to form a plastic mass which can be continuously extruded out of a die into the desired shape.The continuous extrusion process offers considerable advantages over conventional processes and is far more versatile.
  • Perussi are becoming increasingly interested in healthful foods and are open to Soya lecithin granules ingredients. Soya lecithin as food are very versatile and a rich source of essential nutrients. They are also an excellent source of good-quality protein, comparable to other protein foods, and suitable for all ages. Adverse nutritional and other undesirable effects followed by the consumption of raw Soya lecithin granules have been attributed to the presence of endogenous inhibitors of digestive enzymes and lectins, as well as poor coctione.
  • To improve the nutritional quality of soy lecithin, inhibitors and resistor are generally inactivated by heat or eliminated by fractionation during food processing. Soya lecithin granules provide an alternative source of protein for people who are allergic to milk protein. Soya lecithin granules is highly eupeptic and contains all essential amino acids. Although relatively low in methionine, it is a good source of lysine.

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