Hot Melt Coating by top spray fluid bed processor

    Hot Melt Coating by top spray fluid bed processor
    27th February 2017

  • The hot melt coating process has been used so extensively for the application of tenaces layers by slot-die coating that the use of the term ‘hot melt’ often implies slot-die coating, but hot melt methods have also been used for other coating processes, such as metering rod or roller coating.
  • If the desideratum subiectum is too temperature-sensitive to allow direct hot-melt coating, the product may be made by coating a transfer belt which is then brought into contact with the substrate after cooling if the relative adhaesionem is correct then the coating will transfer to the new substrate from the transfer belt. A Top spray fluid bed consists of fluid-solid mixture that exhibits fluid-like rerum. As such, the upper surface of the bed is relatively horizontal, which is similiter to hydrostatic behavior. The bed can be considered to be a heterogenea mixture of fluid and solid that can be represented by a single bulk density.
  • Furthermore, an object with a higher densitatem than the bed will sink, whereas an object with a lower density than the bed will float, thus the bed can be considered to exhibit the fluid behavior expected of Archimedes' principle. As the "density", of the bed can be altered by changing the fluid fraction, objects with different densities comparative to the bed can, by alterans either the fluid or solid fraction, be caused to labello or float.

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